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Core Values - Integrity

by Nate Rockwell on 10/27/18

In my last blog post I talked about our desire to have established core values, and the importance of culture as an organization.  I also took time to speak to one of our core values - inclusiveness.

Today I would like to take a little time to talk about another core value of our organization - integrity.

Integrity is defined as "the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness."

I think what is important to note in our inclusion of integrity as a core value is that while in choosing to list integrity because we wish to be morally grounded, it is also important to recognize that moral principles can be subject to cultural connection or association.  For the purpose of business, it would be better described as a set of ethics rather than morals.

What does integrity mean to us?

It means that we carry ourselves honestly.  We acknowledge when we make mistakes and don't blame others.  We do not apologize for being who we are, we embrace it, but if who we are is hurtful to others we seek change.  We hold each other up, never tear each other down.  We exercise caution in our words while also not hiding the truth of our meaning.  We are honest about our shortcomings and strive to always improve.  We are modest about our successes and seek to always acknowledge our failures.

Integrity also means we take our responsibility to each other and our community seriously.  We are not quick to judge.  We honor our commitments.  We believe in voluntary arrangements and reject the use of coercion and force to achieve our goals.  We do not seek out any relationship other than a win/win relationship.  We reject zero-sum thinking as repugnant.  We recognize the value in giving back, and paying forward.

There is nothing wrong with having fun and getting a little crazy.  There is nothing sinful about seeking pleasures and enjoying indulgences.  It is, however, never appropriate to do so at the expense of another person.  It should be our goal to enjoy life while always being thoughtful about others and voluntarily helpful to them.  When we embrace integrity, not only are we better positioned to make friends and build relationships, we also find ourselves more motivated to do good along the way.


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